Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New Chapter

Congratulations to our president and those who worked to reelect him.  This was a hard-fought battle on both sides.  I know that millions feel boastful today, but I also know that millions who fought for Mitt Romney feel broken.  

A divided nation.  

Mitt Romney is a remarkable man.  He would have done remarkable things.  Those who supported me in this effort agree that it was an honor to fight for him.   He was worth it.

But it was not meant to be.

A new chapter begins.  Sadly, our country remains highly divided and fractured.  We all see it and we all hate it.  My hope is that we will remember that we are first Americans.  We can each do our part to become a more unified, tolerant and respectful people.

The gift of a democracy is that there is room for everyone.  

I pray that our nation will recover financially.  I pray that those who are struggling to find stable employment will find it.  I pray that our leaders on both sides, will learn to find compromise and identify solutions to the problems which are crippling our nation's stability.

I pray for Mitt Romney and his family.

But I think it would be safe to say that we all need to pray for Barrack Obama.

Thank you for joining me in this cause.  It was an honor to have you at my side.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Moment

30,000 attend Romney Rally in Ohio

This is the moment.  It's here.  It's time for a real recovery.  Let's get it right.


Monday, November 5, 2012

My Final Case for Mitt Romney

Tomorrow, Americans get to make our choice.  We have two very different leaders--with two very different leadership styles--who want two very visions for America.

One believes in the power of government solutions.  One believes in the power of its people.

I truly believe that Mitt Romney's vision, leadership and his rare ability to execute are the reasons why he deserves our vote.  Americans can confidently stand with this man.

Why am I voting for Romney?

He Does What He Says
If Romney says that he can lead America to a more prosperous future---his resume reflects that he will know how to actually get it done.

In Massachusetts, like today, Romney campaigned in the middle of a fiscal crisis.  His state faced a massive budget deficit and Massachusetts was knee-deep in a post dot-com recession.  Romney ran on the promise that he would lead a recovery, lower unemployment, lower taxes, strengthen education, cut spending and balance the budget.  (It is important to remember that he made these promises facing an 87% democratically controlled state legislature---undoubtedly, a hostile environment for any conservative).

How did he fare? Mitt Romney did what he said and somehow kept every single one of his 44 campaign promises.

At the end of his term, he had successfully led his state into a solid recovery.  He cut spending, eliminated waste, strengthened education, cut taxes 19 times, balanced the budget, passed significant legislation and he accomplished it all in just four years.  Even more remarkable?  He turned a $3 billion budget shortfall into a $2 billion surplus without raising taxes and without borrowing a single dollar.

Most remarkable?  He did it all in a respectful, bipartisan-led fashion.

Has our president even come close?

Changing the Tone
I believe that the current hostile and divisive tone in America has crippled and demoralized our great country.  The bitter tone in Washington has trickled down to nearly every suburb across the nation.

We all feel it.  We all hate it.

What was the most refreshing message of Candidate Obama back in 2008?  He promised to bridge that divide.  He promised to unite America and change the tone.  We all remember "No Red States, No Blue States, just the United States."  It all sounded so hopeful.  So possible.  

But here we are 4 years later, and in my lifetime, our country has never felt more divided and I would argue that Obama's leadership style has actually made things worse.  It started on his third day in office when he rejected Republican proposals for the stimulus bill.  He brazenly said, "Elections have consequences.  I won."

Bob Woodward (hardly a right leaning commentator) recently told ABC News that the president's "gaps in leadership" and statements that day were was essentially "the beginning of a war" with conservatives.

President Obama set the precedent.  The result?  Under his watch, nearly all legislation passed along strict party lines.  Bipartisan proposals were nonexistent.  Bipartisan collaboration was avoided.  And crucial legislation failed to pass.  Division literally paralyzed our government.

I realize that compromise is needed on both sides of the aisle, but Obama's presidency has been void of it.  His campaign this time hasn't even mentioned changing the tone---no inspirational "Red States, Blue States, United States."  In fact, President Obama recently told supporters not to boo Romney's name but to vote against him.  He said, "Voting is the best revenge."

Revenge?  Wow.  Revenge is not even the word he used to describe America's response to the terrorists in Benghazi.  Revenge is a hostile and divisive word, but I believe in sums up exactly how the president must feel about those who support a conservative agenda.  He views us as the bad guys.  We are his enemies---it sucks to know this is how my president regards me.

Under Obama's leadership, it certainly hasn't felt like a democracy.

The reality is that President Obama failed to change the tone in America and I think it is the greatest failure of his presidency and he hasn't given me any reason to believe that his second term would be any different.

We deserve better.

Need for Real Recovery
Yes, Obama inherited a mess, but his skill-set has proven incapable of fixing it.  He promised his agenda would lower unemployment, cut the deficit in half, rebound our economy and strengthen the middle class---he has failed to accomplish any of it.

Image from

Unemployment has been stuck near 8% for nearly his entire term.  Labor force participation is at the lowest level in decades.  23 million Americans are struggling to find stable employment.  Median incomes are down.  Poverty is at record highs.  The housing market is still crumbling and America is teetering on a fiscal cliff---the president has yet to produce a credible plan to address any of it.

Sorry Mr. President, asking the wealthy to pay a little more is hardly a robust plan to fix robust problems.

The contrast?  Mitt Romney has actually led a successful recovery.  He'll know what to do, not just what to say.  He has a career of balancing budgets.  He has a career of leading the bankrupt back onto the path of prosperity.  He has a career of being accountable with other people's money.  He has a career of fixing messes he inherited--and he has been successful nearly every time.

Change is Possible--It Just Requires the Right Leadership
Americans are desperate for stability.  We are aching for prosperity.  And we are fearful that the American Dream is slipping from our grasp.

But with the right leadership, it all can be preserved.  I agree with candid analysis of Obama's failed leadership from Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal.  She said that Obama's leadership failed because his vision was, "Confidence without Capacity." America is better than this.  It is time for a change.

As I have said before, to echo Paul Ryan,

"I don't think there has been a time in our nation's history when a man and the moment have met so perfectly.  Everything Mitt Romney has done in his life has prepared him for the kind of leadership we need now.  This is a defining moment."

Mitt Romney's entire career has prepared him for this moment, for this fight.  He can do it.  He is ready.  And I am confident that under his leadership, the recovery will be real.

I invite you to stand with me.  The time is here.  This is the moment.  America needs Mitt.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Would Obama inherit an even bigger mess than in 2008?

I am not a culinary expert, but with four kids, it would be safe to say that I have mastered a few things in the kitchen.  After 16 years of experimenting with countless recipes, what's the most important thing I've learned?

Ingredients matter.

Broccoli will never taste like chocolate chip cookies and chicken and rice will always taste like chicken and rice.  My conclusion?  A set of ingredients, regardless of how it is prepared, will pretty much produce the same results.

I've observed that with politics, it is no different.


Four years ago, all would agree that our president inherited a mess.  After only 2 short years on the national stage, without any financial or economic background, void of any managerial experience, and without having ever mastered the art of bipartisanship, America handed a massive financial crisis over to a well-spoken, charismatic community organizer from Chicago.

At first, the environment was friendly for the novice politician.  He faced little resistance.  The House and the Senate were controlled by his party, so the president was surrounded by people who adored him.  (People who most likely, had his acceptance speech framed on their walls).

He passed monumental legislation and showed little regard that it was passed without bipartisan support.

Image from

But then the 2010 midterm elections happened and everything changed.  The president lost the majority in the House and his super majority in the Senate.  The president lost his ability to lead.

Yes-men were replaced with frustrated and passionate conservative leaders who completely disagreed with the path our president was forging for our country.  The environment became hostile and the president's agenda of "Fundamentally Transforming America" came to a standstill.

For four years, we have watched our leaders---on both sides---demonstrate a complete lack of compromise on every big issue.  The results have been devastating.  Most recently, at the 11th hour, negotiations fell apart in the debt ceiling talks and for the very first time in our country's history, America's credit rating fell.

Bipartisan jobs bills still haven't passed.  Budgets have yet to be balanced.  Tax reform still remains unchanged.  Immigration reform is still desperately needed.  Unemployment numbers remain too high to change our economy.  GDP has slowed from where it was even a year ago.  Our country is now teetering on a fiscal cliff and America's deficit has reached an unthinkable $16 trillion dollars.

Who has been leading it all?  President Barrack Obama.

Image from the

Four days before this election, it is clear that Democrats will keep control of the Senate and the Republicans will keep control of the House.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Eric Cantor---it will all stay the same.

Reality?  The president will be in the same toxic environment where he has already shown a complete inability to lead.  Are we really supposed to believe that he will somehow produce different results if the environment hasn't changed?

No way.  I'm not buying it.

Today's Labor Report shows that despite everything the president has tried, unemployment in America is at the level it was the day he took office and yet, our economy is still crumbling.  But what is different in 2012?  Deficits have now surged to $16 trillion---23 million Americans are still out of work---the housing market is still collapsing---poverty levels and Food Stamp dependency have reached historic highs---the East Coast of the US is now in devastation---and the European economy is on the verge of collapse.

Would it be safe to say that the president is now inheriting an even bigger mess than in 2008?

I would say absolutely and if the environment hasn't changed, why should the results.

Ingredients matter.

The fiscal mess that Obama inherited has simply proved to be too big for his skill-set to conquer. But now it is time to get it right.  It is time to really recover.  It is time for bipartisanship.

It is time for a new leader.  It is time for Mitt Romney.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Choice




·       Romney attended Stanford University, but later graduated from Brigham Young University.

·       He attended Harvard Law School; 1 of 15 accepted into the JD MBA program at Harvard Law and Business School. 

·       Graduated cum laude from law school and awarded the prestigious top academic honor at HBS, the Baker scholar.


·       Graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School.
·       His class standing is unknown—all of his records and transcripts have been sealed.



·       Upon graduation, he joined Boston Consulting Group and was later hired by Bain & Company, a Boston-based management-consulting firm.

·       In 1984, Romney left Bain Consulting to cofound the private equity firm, Bain Capital.  He and seven founding partners took drastic pay cuts, pooled their savings together to start the business.  Romney led the firm for 14 years.  Under his leadership, Brookstone, Dominoes Pizza, Sports Authority, Clear Channel, AMC Entertainment, Toys R Us, Staples, and countless other companies became thriving businesses/household names.

·       Bain Capital is considered one of the most successful private equity firms in the world.  A recent Bain Capital investor report shows that Bain Capital investments have been successful 80% of the time.

·       In 1991, his former employer Bain & Company was on the verge of collapse.  Romney returned to help the struggling business.  As CEO, within 1 year, Romney completely restructured the company and actually returned it to profitability.  He is credited for accomplishing it without any layoffs.

·       After achieving a remarkable turnaround, in 1992, he returned to Bain Capital and reclaimed his title as president.

·       In 1999, Romney left Bain Capital and took the position of president and CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.  Despite scandal, fleeing sponsors and near bankruptcy, Romney rescued the games, attracted new sponsors, and just 4 months following the tragic events of 9/11, he worked with Homeland Security and put on what many have called, “The Most Successful Winter Games on Record.”

·       Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts.  He is credited with working with an 87% Democratically controlled State Legislature.  When elected, Massachusetts was facing a recession.  Romney balanced the budget, passed health care reform, cut taxes, lowered unemployment to 4.6%, drove public schools to #1 in the nation, turned a $3 billion budget shortfall into a $2 billion surplus.   Accomplished it all without raising taxes or borrowing a single dollar. 


·       Prior and post law school, Obama worked as a community organizer in Chicago.

·       He was adjunct constitutional law professor/faculty at University of Chicago. 

·       He served 3 terms as a state Senator (voted “present” 129 times).  In three terms, he had no significant legislative accomplishment.

·       In 2004, he was elected United States Senator.  Two years later, he launched his presidential campaign.  As a US Senator, he neither sponsored nor co sponsored any significant legislation. 

·       In 2008, Obama was elected the president of the United States.

·       Obama has no experience in the private sector.



·       At the age of 19, Romney spent 2.5 years as a volunteer missionary for his church in France.

·       Romney was a bishop (pastor) of a Boston-area congregation from 1981-1986.  He later served as a Stake President (like a Diocese) from 1986-1994.  The LDS Church has lay clergy, meaning all positions are volunteer basis without pay.

·       Mitt and Ann raised their 5 children in the LDS faith.  They attend weekly service, even on the campaign trail.

·       Despite political pressure, Romney remains committed to his beliefs.  Has never disavowed his faith in any fashion.


·       For 20 years, Obama regularly attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.  The controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright was his pastor and spiritual leader.  Wright officiated at the Obama’s wedding and he later baptized their two children.

·       In 2008, controversial sermons made by Wright were made public.  Obama tried to distance himself from Wright’s statements, but mounting political pressure led Obama to denounce the church and he and Michelle later resigned their membership in the church.

·       Obama’s current church activity is unknown.  Since taking office, Obama has limited his references to his faith to official occasions such as the National Prayer Breakfast, Easter or Christmas. (Washington Post 9/6/2012)



·       Kept every one of his 44 campaign promises he made while running for governor.

·       Mitt Romney now promises 12 million new jobs, to lower unemployment, to stop the immoral deficit spending from our leaders and return America to the path of prosperity.


·       Promised to fix the economy in one term—Economy growing slower now than it was even just one year ago.

·       Promised the unprecedented $830 billion stimulus would lower unemployment to below 6%—Unemployment remained above 8% for 43 months of his presidency.  23 million Americans are still out of work.

·       Promised to unite the country and end bitter tone in Washington—many would argue that our country has never been more ideologically divided. Obama is also credited with one of the most divisive and negative campaigns on record.

·       He promised to close Guantanamo Bay Military Stockade—It is still thriving.

·       He promised to end the Bush Tax Cuts—In 2010, he actually extended the Bush Tax Cuts arguing that during a recession is no time to raise taxes on anyone. 

·       He promised Obamacare would lower health care costs—Health care costs have actually increased by $2500 per family.

·       Promised energy independence—Gas prices have doubled since his inauguration.  Obama opposed all oil drilling expansion; he stopped the Keystone Pipeline Project and has decreased off shore drilling permits by 2/3.

·       He promised to “heal the planet” and “slow the rising tides of ocean”—Pretty safe to say that didn’t happen.



·       Nearly every circumstance where Mitt Romney led an organization, unprecedented success and profitability occurred. 


·       Obama was unable to help our leaders find compromise and reach common ground in the debt ceiling talks.  Obama’s last minute changes to negotiations led to a downgrade in our AAA credit rating—the first time in our country’s history.

·       Under Obama’s watch, the federal government now consumes the largest share of the GDP than any time since WWII. 

·       47 million Americans are now dependent on Food Stamps—more than any time in American history.

·       1 in 6 Americans now living in poverty.



·      Romney faced an 87% democratically controlled state legislature, yet he successfully and repeatedly reached across the aisle to bring about bipartisan reform and substantial legislative changes.

·      Never once blamed his predecessor for the recession or fiscal mess he inherited.

·      Met weekly with legislative leaders.  He frequently met with legislators in their homes to earn their trust and discuss pertinent legislation.

·      Romney has shown that he knows how to bring about bipartisan reform.


·    Four years later, Obama repeatedly and harshly criticizes former President George Bush.

·    On his third day in office, he brazenly told Republican leaders, “Elections have consequences. I won.” 

·    Never met with Republican leaders on a regular basis.  This set the precedence for his entire presidency. 

·    The stimulus package did not contain one Republican proposal and did not receive one Republican vote.

·    Obamacare was passed with no inclusion of ideas from Republicans and was passed without a single Republican vote.  This is the only time in history that a new entitlement program has passed without bipartisan support.

·    Despite the resistance from Congressional leaders and the American public, when Obamacare was passed, Obama said, “This is what change looks like.”

·    Constitutional Checks and Balances Ignored.  In two separate instances, Obama invoked executive privilege and bypassed congressional approval for unilateral changes to welfare and immigration status for illegal immigrants.

·    Many fear this will set a dangerous and reckless precedent for future presidents.

·    Obama has repeatedly failed to create consensus and compromise on important issues.  

·    Obama has shown an inability and refusal to reach across the aisle to find middle ground.



·       Small business leaders overwhelmingly support Mitt Romney’s candidacy.

·       Steve Caldeira, CEO of the International Franchise Association has openly said that Obama’s policies have hurt small businesses in his industry.  Caldeira strongly endorses Mitt Romney.

·       Countless CEOs of the largest American companies past and present, have endorsed Mitt Romney saying that his unique business background will help him to create the kind of tax environment small businesses need be successful.

·       According to the US Department of Labor, 65% of all net new jobs are created by small businesses.  Small businesses are responsible for 60% of all new hires in America.


·       During Obama’s presidency, America is at a 30-year low in new business start-ups.

·       Small business owners do not support Obamacare.

·       Obama is running on the promise to raise taxes on the wealthy, but he won’t provide exemptions for small businesses.  Tax codes allow small businesses to file as S Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs—all taxed at individual rates.  This means that small businesses, like the “wealthy” will be asked to pay a little more. 

·       Small business owners are fearful that an Obama 2nd term will hurt ability to grow, expand and hire more workers.



·      Romney has run a campaign on the premise that the president has failed to fix our economy.  

·      Romney wants to hold the president accountable for failed promises and failed policies.

·      Romney disagrees with the president, but uses only respectful words when talking about the president and his character.  

·      Romney has repeatedly said that Obama is a good person and solid family man.

·      Romney has never used profane or offensive words to describe the president.


·       Obama is credited with running one of the most negative campaigns on record.

·       Obama’s campaign and his Super PACs have spent millions of dollars to destroy Mitt Romney’s character.

·       The president was perfectly willing to let an Obama Super PAC run an ad that falsely alleged Mitt Romney was to blame for the death of a steel worker’s wife.  Her husband was a steel worker at a mill where Bain Capital had invested.  What the ad failed to mention?  She died 7 years after the plant closed and lost health insurance from her own employer.

·       Obama has repeatedly called Romney a liar.  Recently told Rolling Stone Magazine that Romney is a “Bullsh***.” 



·       Romney balanced the budget all four years as governor.

·       He has a career of balancing budgets, making wise investments and being accountable with other people’s money.


·       During his entire first term, he did not require the leaders to pass a budget.  

·       Our leaders have been unrestrained by the confines of a budget and have accumulated $5 trillion of debt in Obama’s first term.  Our national debt has passed an unthinkable $16 trillion; this equals $50,000 debt liability per American.

·       Candidate Obama called Bush’s $4 trillion in 8 years “unpatriotic” and “unacceptable,” yet he has nearly spent more than all previous presidents combined.

·       Obama failed to submit a single credible budget.  The only budget he submitted was rejected 98-0 in the US Senate.


·      Romney passed comprehensive health care reform for his state—the only state to have done so.

·      A bipartisan 70-page health care bill was passed with only two dissenting votes.

·      Taxes were not raised to pay for the reform and it is funded within the existing Massachusetts’s budget.

·      60% of Massachusetts’s residents overwhelmingly supported the legislation and still do.

·      Romney believes health care reform should be left up to each state and he does not support a federal overhaul of the healthcare system.

·      Romney believes that Obamacare was poorly written, unfairly passed and he strongly believes the same objectives can be achieved in a better more fiscally responsible way.

·      Romney has vowed to repeal Obamacare.

·      The Affordable Care Act Bill was passed with rumors of back room deals and bribes.  

·      Passed along strict party lines—not one Republican vote.

·      This is the only time in history that a new entitlement program has passed without bipartisan support.

·      It was a 2700 page bill, which many legislators confessed they did not read.

·      Cut $718 billion from Medicare to help fund Obamacare.

·      Obamacare has failed to reduce the cost of health care for Americans—costs have increased by $2500 per family.

·      Obamacare will cost over $2 trillion over ten years.

·      Obamacare imposes a penalty on employers of $2000 per employee for non-compliance.

·      Only 35% of Americans supported this legislation at the time it was passed.

·      It remains wildly unpopular today.


In a matter of days, Americans will choose between two very different paths for our country---one that believes in the power of our government and one that believes in the power of our people.

Our president is confident that the government can provide the right solutions to enable our economy to recover.  He believes that government programs are the solution.  We recognize however, that Obama has also been leading the slowest economic recovery on record.   Under his watch, millions of Americans continue to lose their jobs, countless Americans continue to lose their homes and millions of Americans are still hurting.  Despite all Obama has tried, this recovery doesn’t feel like a recovery.

If it didn’t work in 4 years, why should we have confidence that things would be any different if the leadership remains the same?

Mitt Romney has a different approach.  He believes in the potential of our people.  He believes that government is most effective when it enables our economy to thrive rather than hinder its growth potential through regulation and taxation.  Mitt Romney believes that prosperity is attainable for anyone.  And he firmly believes that we need to hold our leaders accountable for their spending.  

Romney's entire career has been built on the premise that leadership isn't just about having a vision---it's about knowing how to execute one.

The major difference between these two presidential candidates?


That is why for me, the only choice is Mitt Romney.

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