Friday, August 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

Tax returns.  Tax returns?  Tax returns!

The media and the Obama campaign have become slightly obsessed with trivial matters.  There is so much talk and baseless speculation about whether or not Mitt Romney is possibly a tax evader (a felony by the way) and is someone who also kills people.

Earlier today, the Obama team tried to make a deal with Romney.  They said, "You release five years of tax returns and in return, we won't ask for any years beyond that."  (Wow.  Impressive.  They sure know how to drive a hard bargain!)

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Um...Mitt Romney said no.

I think it is important to realize that yes, Mitt Romney is taking a risk by not releasing his returns, but in all honesty, he loses either way.

Not releasing his returns causes speculation to swirl about his net worth and possible offshore investments---all of which are perfectly legal.  But, is Romney going to lose independents over this kind of speculation?  I doubt it.

Releasing more returns than is legally required is much riskier---and let me be clear, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I question if he has something to hide, because I don't believe for one second that Mitt Romney's character is in question.

Can we imagine how ruthless the Obama team would be on every investment, partnership and profit in his portfolio?  Incessant requests for verification and further explanation would be demanded.  It would never end.

Is Mitt Romney afraid of this kind of scrutiny?  I doubt it, but when his opponent---The President of the United States---has demonstrated that he is perfectly willing to run a no-holds-bar campaign, it should come as no surprise that Romney is a little apprehensive.

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This was demonstrated this week, when Obama refused to denounce the abhorrent Obama Super PAC ad, which alludes that Mitt Romney was personally responsible for the closure of a steel plant, which led to the loss of health insurance for an employee, which resulted in the tragic death of a wife to cancer.

Despite countless reputable news organizations pointing out that 1) The plant closed two years after Romney left Bain.  2)  The wife died six years after the plant's closure.  3) She had her own health insurance through her own employer, which she later lost as a result of her own job termination.

The historical truth paints a much different picture of the actual events.  So, did the present try to clear up the distortion?  No.  He didn't even apologize that an organization--fighting on his behalf would participate in this kind of slimy and distorted political tactic.

This only tells me that the president is perfectly willing to distort the truth if it is politically advantageous to him.

Therefore, I have no doubt that they would scrutinize every investment, profit and partnership and do their best to convince voters that Mitt made a contract with the devil himself.

I am sure Romney has asked himself, "What if Obama were to be successful?"

Does he risk losing independents if Obama successfully distorts his character?  You bet.


The urgency of Mitt Romney's tax return issue is pointless and it is a distraction from the issues that actually matter.  Furthermore, one can't help but question whether or not the president has pure intentions.

Can we imagine how different the dialogue would be if the press were equally as focused on holding Obama accountable for his dismal record as they are on holding Mitt Romney accountable for his financial success?

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The press may not feel an obligation to hold the president accountable for unemployment rate still over 8% despite everything the president has tried, but Mitt Romney will.

The press may be willing to overlook the fact that in the past 3 years, 2.6 million Americans have slipped out of the middle class and are now living below the poverty line, but Mitt Romney won't.

The press might be willing to ignore that the president was responsible for an $800 billion stimulus bill that didn't stimulate our economy, but Mitt Romney won't forget.

The press might be willing to forget that the president pushed the passage of his health care reform bill with back room deals and rumors of bribes even though only 35% of Americans supported the bill, but Mitt Romney won't.

Tax returns are a distraction.

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For this reason, I will continue to support the candidate who is also running on the "Hope" of a better economic future, but I like the candidate whose resume shows me that he can actually achieve it.

Go Mitt.

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  1. Alecia...Great blog! It is so exciting to see so many people on facebook and blogs campaigning for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They have a plan that will definitely give us America back...keep on cheering! I believe that they will win in a landslide. From a mother and grandmother that supports Mitt Romney. Also please take a look at my blog, "Romney vs. Obama "In God We Trust"


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